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David's Tabernacle with Matthew Lilley

May 04, 2021 Season 1 Episode 50
Remnant Voice Podcast
David's Tabernacle with Matthew Lilley
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Show Notes

An ancient pattern of worship is re-emerging on the earth. The presence will change everything! Mattew Lilley author of David's Tabernacle: How God's Presence Changes Everything joins me to discuss his upcoming book on the Tabernacle of David and how hosting the presence of God will bring about transformation in people, cities, regions, and nations.

Matthew Lilley is an author, worship leader, intercessor, and Bible teacher with a passion for God’s presence, extravagant worship & prayer, and a desire to see cities transformed by Jesus. He has helped launch two houses of prayer in North Carolina and has also served in national leadership roles in worship & prayer movements in the United States such as Burn 24-7 and Awaken the Dawn. In 2004 he founded Presence Pioneers to help fulfill his calling to connect, equip and plant presence-centered Christian communities.

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